Big Solutions for a Big Country

Managing a pan-Canadian fleet isn’t easy. Whether it’s the harsh climate of northern Canada, the need for reliable vendors from coast-to-coast-to-coast, or the realities of providing service that reflects the diversity of this nation; a true fleet partner needs to be on the ground and in touch with local customers.

With over 250 employees, and offices in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Vancouver, ARI knows Canada. And with over 140,000 Canadian vehicles under management, ARI knows fleet.

All systems, services, and programs are fully bilingual. In fact, ARI is the only fleet management company that offers 24-7, bilingual, Canadian service at all times. That’s a huge help for fleets operating in a huge country.

Seamless Cross-border Service

With shared systems, programs, and most importantly, a shared commitment to putting the customer first, ARI offers a seamless, integrated approach to support fleets operating in both Canada and the United States.

Global Fleet Management

Beyond the Borders of Traditional Global Fleet Management

To handle the unpredictable supply chain and meet objectives for comprehensive global fleet management reporting, companies turn to ARI.

Leading global network

Global Fleet Services (GFS) is an alliance of premier fleet leasing companies that are recognized as the top tier market leaders in their respective regions. The alliance has been developed on the concept of members combining their strengths to best serve international companies with global fleet needs. GFS enables businesses to develop global strategic initiatives through benchmarking and identification of global fleet synergies, as well as cost savings opportunities. The GFS alliance is currently represented in more than 70 countries and manages a combined total of over 1.8 million vehicles worldwide.

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