Vehicles that work create savings

An idle vehicle means lost  revenue. Companies that don’t perform timely maintenance and repairs, don’t put a stop to overcharges or take advantage of rebates and discounts are losing out on savings. ARI’s Total Management System® (TMS) for vehicle repair services can help, with savings averaging 10–25%.

ARI TruckServe®, for vocational vehicle fleet maintenance, offers custom-designed solutions for clients that include a dedicated ASE certified coordinator with experience in medium/heavy truck repair.

Our management strategy works in the following ways:

  • 24 hour maintenance service through ARI’s all-Canadian call centres
  • Preventive maintenance that lowers repair costs long-term.
  • Controlled authorization preventing overcharges and unnecessary repairs.
  • Lower contracted pricing and effective vendor management producing long-term savings.
  • Post-warranty claims and field adjustments that save money by securing parts and labour pricing, negotiated discounts, repeat repairs vendor coverage and gaining the maximum benefit from manufacturer warranties.
  • Effective vehicle cycling which helps cut fleet maintenance expenses.
  • ARI maintenance specialists evaluate client spend to determine if a maintenance operation is on track or in trouble. Problems are identified and fixed.
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