Public Sector Solutions that Drive Productivity

Our public sector clients view ARI as an extension of their organizations and a trusted advisor. We understand the pressure our clients are under to squeeze the last drop of value from every dollar. It’s driven us to customize solutions for city, county, state and federal clients that total more than $5 million in savings. Our decades of experience include government fleets with fewer than 1,000 vehicles to more than 10,000.

Our expansive portfolio of service solutions for government fleets includes:

  • Best-practices cost control
  • Environmental compliance
  • Comprehensive specification development that takes into account vehicle use and mileage, maintenance and other variables
  • Ability to merge mixed-fleet software
  • Streamlined fleet and vehicle reporting
  • Size and use-specific fleet maintenance programs for vehicles
  • Telematics for productivity
  • Customized driver websites to streamline administrative work
  • Consultants who provide ongoing cost-improvement counsel
  • Quarterly performance reviews vs. other comparable government fleets
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