It’s Your Turn to be a #fleethero!

Are you #FleetHero enough to answer the call when rogue, sketchy costs pose a threat to your fleet?

You’re probably thinking, “Okay, I’ll bite…what’s a fleet hero?” The answer is not what is a fleet hero, but rather WHO is a fleet hero!

A #FleetHero is a savvy person or team of fleet professionals who won’t back down from villainous threats to their company’s bottom line. Their mission is to wrestle control of rogue cost drivers that can wreak fleet havoc – a mission that’s more critical than ever as companies weather the global COVID-19 crisis. Whether it’s a new approach to replacement cycling, a revised remarketing strategy, or even driver training that makes roads safer, the next #FleetHero is out there, positioning their business for success by laying the groundwork for a better, post-pandemic future.

Check out this short video to learn about how one of our fleet heroes– with their trusty sidekick, ARI– reduced fleet spend through data modeling and analytics. Stay tuned to our blog for more cost reduction ideas in the coming weeks.

Will you be the next #FleetHero?