Fleet Disrupted: Preparing Today for the Mobility Challenges of Tomorrow

For reasons too numerous to mention, I’ve always considered myself extremely fortunate to be a part of this world-class organization. The high value ARI places on continuous education and cultivating human connections throughout the industry are just two of those reasons and both always provide a wealth of knowledge that I’m eager to share with my colleagues and ARI clients.

As an example, I recently had the opportunity to attend the Global Fleet Conference in Rome where hundreds of the brightest minds in our profession convened to connect and share their perspective on the rapidly evolving automotive industry.

Among the many highlights of this year’s event was the opportunity to collaborate with leadership from our Global Fleet Services (GFS) partners ORIX and Eqstra Fleet Management. As a growing number of companies continue to scale their business internationally, we believe this alliance will play a vital role in delivering the unique combination of local expertise and global visibility these fleets need to help drive efficiencies.

I also had the opportunity to represent ARI and our GFS partners during one of the conference’s executive panel discussions. Our panel explored how technology and advancements throughout the automotive industry are poised to change how businesses approach fleet management. As I listened to each fellow panelist share their insight and perspective on the future of our industry, it was clear that the evolution of mobility will fundamentally alter the entire transportation landscape.

From my perspective, I believe data transparency is the key to unlocking the value of the mobility as a service. Real-time data optics will empower fleets to make better mobility decisions, strategically matching the mode of transportation with the person, their location and the job function. This transparency empowers businesses to determine whether a driver actually needs a vehicle, or simply a ride. And this is precisely the question we’re helping our customers answer.

We continue to leverage technology to provide the knowledge and insight necessary to help our customers align fleet with the needs of the business on an enterprise level. Connectivity combined with analytics drives efficiency at a global scale, enabling best practices to move quickly across the entire fleet to address the mobility needs of the organization.

With the myriad of potential disruptions on the horizon, the Global Fleet Conference not only provided a terrific opportunity to reconnect with familiar faces, it also fostered a sense of true comradery as we as an industry plan for a disrupted future. Among the key themes I shared with my colleagues upon my return to our headquarters was the importance of remaining agile. It’s crucial that we anticipate what’s next to come, and focus on how ARI will evolve to help our customers prepare today for the mobility challenges of tomorrow.