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“The clients who have invested the right amount of time and effort into preventive maintenance compliance, and the consistency with which they’re receiving PM services, they’re going to be able to weather this a little bit more.”

Ed goes on to explain that driver behavior is an important piece of the PM equation as well, but it is often overlooked. He points to telematics as the most effective way to understand what’s truly happening behind the wheel and how that behavior influences the health of your vehicles. Ed also examines the impact vehicle maintenance has on fuel efficiency.

“There is a significant delta between fuel economy and vehicles that are well maintained, versus vehicles that are not well maintained – whether it’s maintaining tire pressures, adequate oil change services, and so forth. That can make a big impact on fuel economy and overall vehicle life expectancy.”

Finally, with the entire industry likely facing significant supply constraints for the foreseeable future, Ed stresses, there’s still time to adjust your PM strategy to optimize the health and efficiency of your fleet.

“It’s never too late to start making PM a priority. If you’re in the position of having to extend lifecycles on assets to a level you typically wouldn’t, PM on those vehicles becomes even more critical to ensure that they’re safe, and that you’re minimizing the risk of failure as much as possible.”

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After 18-plus months of pandemic disruptions and economic uncertainty, many organizations are inching closer to “business as usual”. But as business ramps-up and a growing number of fleet vehicles return to the road, new challenges continue to emerge. Fortunately, the fundamental principles of fleet management remain the same and, together, we’re adapting to the new post-pandemic landscape.

Recently, ARI’s Geoff Seely, Romy Bria, and Michael Stallone spoke with Autosphere to discuss how we’re helping our customers adjust to these new challenges. In the article, Stallone examines the vital role evolving technology plays in this process, highlighting our recently updated ARI Driver insights mobile app.

“We really enhanced our robust mobile app, providing more than 30 features that allow drivers to manage all of their day-to-day tasks through this tool…we’ve developed new functionality, introduced features to our clients, and now have hundreds-of-thousands of drivers using it to streamline their daily operations.”

Additionally, Bria points to how this technology and other powerful tools are helping our customers further adjust their fleet management solutions to the reality of today’s business environment.

“The technologies we’ve developed give our customers the ability to streamline the management of their vehicles and drivers. Not only do our customers want us to provide them recommendations and identify opportunities to make their fleet run more efficiently, but they also want a fast and easy experience similar to that of a typical retail transaction in their personal lives. They want Google-fast and Apple-easy.”

Finally, Seely explains why a number of fleet operators are taking advantage of our innovative sale and leaseback program to help mitigate rising operating costs and overcome cash constraints.

“We buy the vehicles and lease it back to the customer. In turn, we help improve the cash flow for their business. That gives them a real opportunity to monetize the equity in their fleets and invest that cash elsewhere. Interest rates are cheap now, so we’re passing along the low cost of funds to our clients, and they’re really seeing an upside.”

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