Client's fleet team began experiencing compounding issues and concerns regarding 1,200 leased SUVs.

Fleet Background

Sales fleet consisting of 1,200 units that had more than 10 open recalls.



The client fleet team began experiencing compounding issues and concerns regarding 1,200 leased SUVs. A combination of common maintenance issues with the specific model and manufacturer recalls were impacting fleet operating costs and increasing downtime, which was interfering with the company’s productivity. Due to overwhelming driver concern as well as several incidents, the client came to ARI to brainstorm ways to fix this problem and ensure their field personnel felt they could safely accomplish their jobs



ARI prepared a replacement strategy for the client’s consideration. The issues addressed in the study included the potential negative equity of the SUVs, proposed timelines for both a vehicle replacement project and the resale of the outgoing vehicles, and whether ARI could quantify and/or guarantee the resulting gain or loss on sale of the recalled SUVs.

The overall solution ARI presented was to leverage the unique ARIBuyDirectTM program. The only one of its kind in the fleet management industry, this custom remarketing opportunity offers a guaranteed final sale price and a shorter sale. It also avoids fees typically associated with auction sales. As a solution for the client’s problem, the ARIBuyDirectTM option addressed three of the fleet’s major concerns by providing sufficient time for replacement orders to be placed, delivered, and put into service, as well as nearly instantaneous sales on each asset and fixed price guarantees.


Projected Savings/ Benefits and Results to Date

The proposal was ultimately accepted, and with ARI’s support the fleet manager was able to quickly address a rapidly growing safety concern, put the field sales reps in brand new safe vehicles, capitalize on a newly negotiated manufacturer incentive, and demonstrate a $2,000,000 gain from the vehicle sales. Through the ARIBuyDirectTM program, ARI covered any and all costs associated with selling used vehicles such as: transportation, any applicable de-identification on the vehicles, condition reporting, detailing, and sales expenses.

The vehicles would then have the recall performed to ensure they were safe, and be resold. By placing their orders through ARI, we were able to seamlessly link the payment and pick up process for the old vehicles with the delivery of the new vehicles.


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