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Most fleets generate mountains of data. Without a proper strategy, most of that actionable data goes unused. ARI’s expertise, strategic approach and easy-to-use tools put your data to work to reduce expenses, streamline processes and provide a clear view of what is happening in any part of your operation.

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Business management

Fleet is a tool essential to conducting business and should be managed like any other strategic asset. ARI can transform your fleet into a cost effective operation that aligns with the business objectives of your organization.

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Vehicle management

ARI has the vehicle management expertise and resources to ensure your fleet vehicles do the job right, so that productivity stays high across the vehicle life-cycle with minimal downtime. And when your needs suddenly change, our vehicle experts are there to help you adapt your fleet every step of the way.

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Driver management

ARI driver programs, services and technologies create value in three critical areas –improving job performance, minimizing administrative tasks, and lowering risk by improving safety.

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