Maximize driver potential, maximize results

Managing driver behaviour is key to lowering your total cost of ownership and making a positive impact on your bottom line.

You can deliver tangible value in three critical driver areas: job performance, administrative tasks, and safety.

Technology creates one big picture that allows fleet professionals to manage outliers and address possible risks before they develop into big problems.

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Building a culture of safety

Driver injuries and liability exposure can have a lasting impact beyond cost of repair. Our driver offering combines fleet policy, automated driver behaviour monitoring, and comprehensive online training to build a culture of safety that minimizes collisions, downtime, and legal expenses.

Driver policy

Your organization has clear expectations regarding conduct behind the wheel. You can ensure driver compliance through ARI’s driver safety programs, which all start with well-communicated safety policies focused on clarity.

Driver mobile app

Put your important information at your drivers’ fingertips when they’re not behind the wheel with ARI’s mobile app. The app helps relieve their administrative burdens by automating the manual processes of collecting, tracking and reporting mileage for personal, business, and commuter travel.

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