Manage your fleet, not violations

You can minimize operational disruptions with ARI’s driver violation solutions.

Tracking down drivers for unpaid tickets is a cumbersome process. Let ARI handle the daily necessities while you focus on your strategy.

Set the right priorities

For many fleet professionals, tracking drivers who owe money for unpaid violations is a tedious, manual process. Our system allows you to easily monitor toll, parking, and moving violations. Now you can refocus your efforts on enhancing your fleet operation instead of collecting fines.

Don't sweat the details

You can check violation charges off your to-do list. ARI can automatically pay the fine on the driver’s behalf and bill the amount of the violation plus a processing fee.

Track ticket trends

Keep track of your monthly and year-to-date activity with our optional monthly report, broken down by driver and division so you can identify repeat offenders for training, benchmark trends and understand your cost centres.

Ready to minimize your administrative burden?

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