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Disruptive technology is having a dramatic impact on fleet operations. Are you prepared?

Emerging technologies, consumer trends, and the connectivity revolution are changing the world of fleet.

CASE is the acronym being used today across business segments to describe the predominant trends in automotive mobility. It stands for Connected – Autonomous – Shared – Electric. ARI can help you understand these emerging technologies today so you can take advantage of future disruptions tomorrow.


Telematics and OEM-installed devices are becoming more powerful sources of two-way information flows, but these are just the beginning of how vehicles will connect and transfer data. Future uses will include driver alerts, vehicle control, routing, and so forth. Various forms of connectivity will include mobile devices, other vehicles, the infrastructure, and beyond. ARI’s data integration capabilities and web-based systems will continue to deliver this data to you.


Already available in many vehicles, uses of advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) will continue to expand. For fleets, this means increased safety and cost control. ARI can help you determine which technologies are right for your fleet needs and how to balance costs with vehicle lifecycle and operating expenses.


You can reduce your fleet size by determining instances when a driver actually needs a vehicle or simply a ride. With real-time data from ARI, you can make better mobility decisions, strategically matching the mode of transportation with the person, their location and the job function. Being innovated today are solutions through Holman Enterprises that will bring shared vehicle options to your fleet in the present or very near future.


Commercial fleets are leading the way in applying more efficient fuel technologies. The electric powertrain is quickly evolving and already having significant impact on cost, maintenance and downtime. ARI can help you understand near and long-term impact of evolving fuel technologies.

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