Build your fleet forecast with predictive analytics

When should you retire a vehicle? Can you prevent future breakdowns? You have questions - your data has answers.

You can drive fleet results by using ARI analytics to see what’s working…and what still needs work. With the most powerful analytics tool in the industry at your fingertips, you can proactively make better decisions that help drive revenue.

Achieve budget certainty

Predictive analytics gives you control and accuracy over long-term forecasting, capital request, and budget certainty. You’ll have the right information you need to communicate clearly with any area of your company.

Control your costs

Unexpected vehicle repairs, driver incidents and compliance issues can all eat away at your bottom line. However, real-time data and analytics can show you what’s happening across your fleet so you can proactively manage the potential impact before costs add up.

Manage the future

ARI analyticsTM gives you more control over future fleet performance by looking holistically at the impact on tomorrow of decisions made today. Map precise operating costs across different sets of variables to predict the outcome of changes to your budget and goals.

Make your fleet a driving force

You can quickly pinpoint your fleet’s strengths and weaknesses to make better decisions on how to align with your corporate goals. This alignment transforms your fleet from a cost to a force that helps drive your company’s success.

80 percent of CEOs think data mining and analysis is strategically important for their business.

Annual Global CEO Survey, PWC

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