End-to-end fleet vehicle management

You need the right resources to maximize productivity and minimize downtime. We can help.

Whether you’re acquiring, managing, or disposing of vehicles, ARI can help solidify your fleet as a strategic asset.

Total cost of vehicle ownership

Do you know what is driving your fleet costs? You can create cost certainty drive cost reduction using ARI technology, including data integration and real-time reporting, and analytics tools that work across acquisition, upfitting, maintenance, fuel, downtime, compliance, safety and remarketing.

OEM and upfitting expertise

Your savings and productivity gains can come through the initial selection and standardization of job-specific vehicles with tailored upfitting and flexible delivery options. ARI works with most major OEMs and services are available from Auto Truck Group, a Holman Enterprises company, or the upfitting partner of choice. It’s all designed to get you the right vehicles for the job at the lowest price per kilometre. Then we remarket them at the end of the lifecycle to help you recover best possible net-price gains.

Vendor network

When you partner with ARI you are also partnering with best in class telematics, maintenance and fuel card partners. ARI has an open network of more than 25,000 maintenance vendors with national account and independent locations that provide you with safe, skilled service at competitive pricing.

Funding options that fit

Your own business and fleet data are the best ways to help you choose which fleet funding option is the best fit for your company’s financial outlook, whether leasing, purchase or finance. ARI uses that data, combined with economic and consumer-based research, to get results that work for you.

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