Manage accidents with purpose

It's tough to control what happens before an accident. You can manage what happens after, with safety and downtime in mind.

Once your drivers are out of harm’s way, we start working to get them right back on the road.

Fast notifications

When your driver makes an accident report with an ARI technician, you, your risk department, your liability carrier, and anyone else you identify will receive a notification within 60 minutes of taking the call.

Help at every step

You can rely on our technicians to arrange towing, schedule repairs at a convenient, quality repair facility, acquire a temporary vehicle, and monitor all repairs through to completion to ensure costs are within budget.

Easy access to accident data

You can access to all accident-related data and reports through ARI insights® including claim and driver details, purchase orders, third-party information, images, police reports, and subrogation status.

Your advocates

If your driver is considered not at-fault, ARI will launch a subrogation investigation to pursue recovery of costs related to collision repair, rental bills, loss of use, and a diminished value assessment if applicable.

Ready to repair your accident recovery process?

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