Fueling your company's revenue

Get a handle on your fuel expenses using ARI's data monitoring tools and compliance methods.

Your fuel spend is a major component of your total cost of ownership. Do you have total visibility?

ARI leverages analytics, driver behaviour and correlations to control and reduce fuel spend.

Fuel policy

Do your drivers and fuel card users fully understand your organization’s expectations? ARI’s fuel programs all start with well-communicated fuel management policies that act as a foundation step in ensuring that fuel card users understand the guidelines around fuel purchasing, speeding, idling, and fuel conservation.

Laser focus

You can use your fuel data to stay ahead of trends and areas for improvement. Your ARI team will work closely with you to find every opportunity to improve mileage and reduce cost per litre.

Stopping fraud in its tracks

Your fuel transactions should help empower your future fleet decisions. By consolidating your information into our ARI insights® system you can view changes in kilometres per litre (km/l) and cost per litre (p/litre) as well as manage by exceptions such as tank capacity violations, fuel type mismatch, and non-fuel purchases.

Partnering with the best

How convenient is your fuel card? With the ARI fuel and maintenance fleet card or the chip enabled ARI MasterCard™you have the best opportunities for cost reduction and data gathering, whether you fuel at a retail pump, a private site or through a mobile provider. All your transactions are wrapped into ARI’s consolidated billing, making it easier to manage your expenses.

Ready to top off your fuel strategy?

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