Maintenance that minimizes downtime

Do you have an ally in the battle against operating expenses? If not, it could cost you.

Maintenance is much more than managing transactions. Are you taking a holistic, data-driven approach to manage prevention and repairs?

ARI puts the industry’s best talent and technology in your corner. We identify and act on root causes and failure trends, keeping your vehicles in optimal operating condition at the optimal cost.

Power of prevention

Are you operating in the traditional “break and fix” model of fleet maintenance? Switching to a proactive “predict and prevent” approach can help you control costs and minimize downtime. We can help with that shift, and when vehicles do require significant repairs, ARI will analyze the case to advise on repairs or replacements. We’ll also help examine any trends in component failures to help navigate potential failures across similar vehicles.

Your own maintenance squad

Manage your repairs with the help of your ARI maintenance support team, who cover everything including preventive maintenance and inspection planning by vehicle, cost effective parts sourcing, and delivering value through operational efficiencies.

Technical resource centers deliver savings

Your drivers are always on the go, so your fleet needs 24/7/365 support. Three of ARI’s six North American Technical Resource Centres are in Canada, with ARI’s technicians offering bilingual support. They will align vehicle needs with the most-qualified vendors, working to save time as well as additional costs on every repair, and leveraging financial models that support your fleet operational decisions.

Safety is paramount

When a vehicle experiences a failure that renders it inoperable, your drivers can count on ARI’s technicians to help in their time of need. In the event of a breakdown, lock-out, flat tire, or other incident, we will confirm the driver is safe, coordinate roadside service or towing logistics, and route the vehicle to a convenient repair facility.

Vendors, vendors everywhere

You have access to vendors across North America — with 25,000 in Canada — to help get your vehicles back on the road, and fast. We partner with some of the largest parts and vendor networks in the industry, which drives meaningful savings on maintenance spend.

ARI PartnerConnect® innovation

Bob White, President of Fleet and Mobility at Holman Enterprises, explains how this technology works for clients and suppliers alike, saving time and driving efficiency.

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